Friday, September 1, 2017

The Making of a Fun Family Game, Part 2

The Rooster Race Journey

continues with giggle worthy character development of the racing roosters

Last week we started the rooster race journey and ended with a sneak peek at the fun rooster characters that make up the game. 

We spent a good deal of time refining the overall character looks as well as individual personalities of the characters since so much of the game play depends on the characters.
We had a ton of fun creating this waky racing characters, and we hope you enjoy our character development journey. 
Here's the character line up.
Rooster characters created by Imagine That! Design

 Ready! Set! Go!

Sketch until there’s a giggle:

We start with rough pencil sketches and designs exploring the looks and personalities of the characters. With these guys we wanted to make sure they're cute, but also wacky and, of course, racing and capturing some of the frantic feel of a racer. Once we get a giggle going, we know we’re onto something. The last page is the page of the best of all the pages of sketches to show the client.
Imagein That! Design rooster sketches developing characters for Rooster Race Game
© Imagine That! Design
Imagine That! Design rooster characger development sketches for the game Rooster Race
© Imagine That! Design

characgter development rooster sketches by Imagine That! Design for Roosterfin Games
© Imagine That! Design

The fun folks at Roosterfin Games giggled. Good, we were on the right track. Next we took any suggestions and thoughts from the client and ran with the roosters they picked and took them to the next stage.

Refined rooster sketches by Imagine That! Design for the fun family game Rooster Race
© Imagine That! Design
Rooster Character color options created by Imagine That! Design for Rooster Race by Roosterfin Games 
With the general look of the characters defined, we finalized a couple finished illustrated looks of one of the characters to send to the client to establish the end result which will be applied to all the characters. Option C was the final choice.
During all this we’re also defining and refining the graphic design of the cards. No point in designing a character that doesn’t fit. We offered the client a couple options for the look of the cards.
Card options for Rooster Race by ITD
At the finish line, this is what we ended up with for the Rooster Racing cards. Giggle worthy, right?
Rooster Race card back designed by Imagine That! Design for Roosterfin Games

RoosterfinGames Rooster Race cards designed and illustrated by Imagine That! Design
Game Assets
This game concept also needed some 3D parts. This was a bit of a new adventure for us. The client asked for corn, we gave them corn. We created this in Cinema 4D a 3D program. They created the corn on 3D printer.
3D Corn created by Kurt Keller at Imagine That! Design with Cinema 4D3D Corn created by Kurt Keller at Imagine That! Design with Cinema 4D

3D corn printed on 3D printed by Roosterfin Games from ITD 3D drawings
3D printed corn by Roosterfin Games
We have come to the end of the journey for this week. We hope our cute rooster characters brought a giggle or two.

Do you know of a giggle game? Any game where you look at the packaging, read the cards, read the instructions and have an uncontrollable giggles. We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

Be sure to come back next week for the conclusion of the rooster's journey with all the important packaging and instructions, where you'll see us putting it all together. Until next time, you can buy your own copy of this fun family game here
The fun family game Rooster Race
All images ©Imagine That! Design, all rights reserved

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